The most important step you take
in Recovery is the next one

Our New Jersey Structured Sober Living homes are passionately
dedicated to helping you create a new sober life.

The most important step you take in Recovery is the next one

We are New Jersey Structured Sober Living homes passionately dedicated to helping you create a new sober life.

Our Mission

Welcome home. We’re glad you’re here. This is the beginning of a new way of life and the chance to discover some incredible new experiences. You’re making the right choice.

Homeless and alone, separated from your family, nowhere to turn. This is the position countless addicts are placed in every day. We are a safe and guiding force for those in this situation. We’ve been through the cycle of detox and thirty-day stints in treatment. We understand the need to be supported long after you leave rehab.

Our goal is to demonstrate what it looks like to live a sober life, 24-hours at a time. We are a structured sober living home built on the principles of trust, honesty, and respect. We motivate and encourage each member of the house to keep focused on the path to recovery in a clean, safe, and accepting environment.

We are a home that teaches life-based skills, responsibility, structure, and the strength of the 12 Steps.
A home where you’ll never be a stranger and never be alone. We are accountable, loving, and dedicated to our mission. This is your home. There’s no place like it.


About Dignity Hall

We were founded by three people who have faced the same struggles and challenges as you have. We’re sons. Fathers. Brothers. Partners. Husbands. We understand the fear. The desperation. The horror. The detox. The recovery. The uncertainty.

We’ve been there.

That’s why we knew there was a better way of treating those who need the unconditional support and encouragement on their path to recovery. A home of understanding, acceptance, and a passionate dedication to make life better for those struggling with addiction.

Our staff is committed to providing a clean, safe living environment where you’ll feel at home. To live the life, you want to live now and, at the same time, knowing there are people here who will always have your back. You might stumble but we’ll never let you fall.

You’ll find a community of new friends and a new sense of self-esteem. There is a better way of living. We’ll show the way one step at a time, one day at a time.

Featured Home


When I first came to Dignity Hall after treatment I was nervous, scared, and of course upset to be away from home. Dignity Hall housing helped me feel extremely comfortable and had an “at home” type feel. It wasn’t long before I actually felt at home and comfortable in housing. Dignity Hall is beautiful, clean, and had become my home. I have been in and out of sober living for the past 8 years and I could honestly say that my stay at Dignity Hall was the one that finally stuck and I actually gave a chance. Only because of the loving and supportive staff and the beautiful home that they provided for me. Anyone who is in need of sober living I would recommend Dignity Hall in a heartbeat. I can truly say this place saved my life and became my family.”

– Christine E.