Dignity Hall was built on a foundation of honesty, respect, and trust. We instill these principles in our residents when they stay at our sober living homes. But how do we structure our homes? If you’re looking for sober living homes in South Jersey that will turn your life around, then learn about our Oxford housing model.

What Is Oxford Housing?

An Oxford house is a transitional home with a structured living environment where people recovering from drug and alcohol addictions can rebuild their lives. For those struggling to rebuild their lives and who are constantly trapped in the cycle of relapse and recovery, Oxford housing offers a new start.

The Oxford Housing Structure in New Jersey

Oxford homes in New Jersey are self-run operations with set sober living home policies. This means that everyone living in the home has to participate in the care and maintenance of the household. This includes tasks like cooking, cleaning, laundry, and yard work. This helps residents develop structure and responsibility that they may have lost due to addiction.

At Dignity Hall Oxford homes in NJ, residents live under the management and guidance of Logistics Managers, or LMs. Our LMs help maintain the safety and drug-free environment of the house. For example, LMs will regularly administer and monitor drug tests for residents.

Furthermore, if there is a conflict between two residents in the household, the LMs will act as mediators.

Sober Living in New Jersey with Dignity Hall

Sober living in Oxford housing is essential for long-term recovery. It not only provides a structure and setting during treatment, but it also offers the opportunity for reintegration into everyday living.

Many people who leave treatment relapse within the first year of recovery. This is because they fall into the stressors of not being able to find employment, struggles with maintaining their home, or meeting up with old acquaintances who re-expose them to addictive substances. Without assistance and guidance during this transition phase, individuals are likely to fall back into old habits.

During your time in New Jersey Oxford Housing at Dignity Hall, you’ll have the opportunity to develop your coping mechanisms, pursue continuing education, and find employment. Once you leave Oxford housing, you will already have the foundation for your new life.

Man listening to women in NJ Sober Living Homes

Recovery and Growth with Oxford Housing at Dignity Hall

At Dignity Hall, our goal is to support a productive lifestyle. We do so by providing a clean, safe environment where individuals can begin rebuilding their lives. Furthermore, we support our residents’ goals and help them realize that sober living can be fun and fulfilling.

Using the Oxford housing model, we offer several sober living homes throughout New Jersey, including:

It’s time to face the real world. If you’re ready to overcome your addiction and begin living a life you’re proud of, then call Dignity Hall today at 855.380.7560.