When you step down from a residential facility into an intensive outpatient or outpatient treatment program, you lose an element of structure in your life. Or, if you’re pursuing treatment purely in an outpatient facility, you have no structure for your home life. This lack of scheduling and accountability in your day-to-day can make recovery and preventing relapse challenging. The sober living homes Cherry Hill NJ offers can provide a foundation for your early stages of recovery.

Why Choose a New Jersey Sober Living Home?

residents moving into sober living homes Cherry Hill NJSober living homes are transitional residences where those in outpatient programs and early recovery can live. These facilities are entirely sober, and everyone there is working toward the same goal: lasting recovery and sobriety.

In these homes, residents can build the confidence they need to live independently and prevent relapse. They relearn necessary living skills, such as cooking, cleaning, and general housework. They also learn how to live and work with others, helping them not only connect with their housemates, but also develop relationships that can last beyond their time at the house.

Choosing one of the sober living homes Cherry Hill NJ offers means choosing a residence in an ideal location for recovery. Cherry Hill, New Jersey is a township just outside of Philadelphia. This means that it’s near enough to major cities to allow for easy family visitation and job opportunities, but far enough away from the substance abuse exposure.

At one of the sober living homes Cherry Hill NJ can offer, you can begin your transition from treatment to independent recovery.

Benefits the Sober Living Homes Cherry Hill NJ Offers

At Dignity Hall, we offer several sober living homes around Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Some of these locations include:

Our sober living homes are gender separated as research shows that this is more effective for recovery. It helps individuals feel more comfortable and bond more quickly with the housemates while also focusing on their own recovery journeys.

Furthermore, our homes are supportive environments that encourage respect and trust. At Dignity Hall, you’ll never feel like a stranger or that you’re alone. Everyone understands what you’re going through and is ready to help you continue your journey.

However, Dignity Hall also has strict house policies. All of our homes have a zero-tolerance policy for alcohol, drugs, and mind-altering substances. If our Logistics Managers (LMs) find that you’re using these substances during your stay, then you will be discharged immediately.

We also do not condone violence as a means of conflict resolution. Instead, we encourage our residents to resolve their conflicts through communication with the help of our LMs. They will act as mediators during your discussion to find common ground.

All of these policies work to ensure the safety and security of every Dignity Hall resident.

Take the Next Step With Us at Dignity Hall

If you’re looking for the highest quality sober living homes Cherry Hill NJ has to offer, then look no further than Dignity Hall. We offer an empowering and safe space where those ready to face their recovery head-on can begin their journeys.

Face forward and begin working toward a future you can be proud of. To learn more about Dignity Hall and what we can offer you, call us today at 855.380.7560.