Somerdale Sober Living Options for Men

Find your fresh start in a comfortable and supportive environment — Dignity Hall’s Somerdale sober living home.

Somerdale’s unique environment brings a sense of structure to the early days of addiction recovery, which can otherwise be filled with stress and uncertainty. Every detail has been attended to, with the recognition that the path to recovery is far easier when it involves a healthy environment and a supportive community. You’ll find that we offer two Somerdale living homes, both which are great options.

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Somerdale I Sober Living for Men

One step within the beautiful Somerdale sober living home in New Jersey, and the benefits of spending the recovery period in this location will be evident. Spanning 1,628 square feet, this beautiful home includes a spacious living room, as well as four bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Privacy is always available when needed, as are spaces for connecting. Convenience is also a clear priority, as evidenced by the easy access to a washer and dryer. Connection is also a big deal. The open concept area, for example, invites genuine conversations by its large stone fireplace and within the recently remodeled kitchen.

The kitchen includes granite counters, stainless steel appliances, and a breakfast area for grabbing a meal or snack on the go. An additional space for eating or engaging with loved ones can be found within the screened-in porch at the home’s rear. This is accompanied by an open porch at the front of the house.

Every room at the Somerdale sober living home is clean and spacious. You will feel right at home as you settle into a new, healthier way of life.

Somerdale I Space

Gorgeous 1,628 square foot home with a spacious living room, four bedrooms, and two bathrooms. There is a great room with a large stone fireplace that opens to a new kitchen with a breakfast area. Washer and dryer are included. Enjoy the large screened in rear porch along with the open front porch.

  • 1,628 square feet
  • 4 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Open concept living area
  • Remodeled kitchen with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances
  • Screened in rear porch with eating area
  • Large front porch
  • Washer and dryer in house

Somerdale II Sober Living Home for Men

Our beautiful single family home located in Somerdale is designed for male residents, and has been almost completely renovated. This two-story house has several large bedrooms, beautiful hardwood flooring, cabinets and brand new appliances. There is a large backyard, with lots of room for activities. This house is comfortable in all areas. It is located near multiple retail shops and is located close to the PATCO for easy travel.

  • 1,816 square feet
  • Hardwood flooring throughout
  • Beautiful eat-in kitchen with island
  • Large backyard
  • 4 spacious bedrooms
  • 2 full bathrooms
  • Washer and dryer in house

Somerdale II Space

The Importance of Structure

While there’s something to be said for the beauty of Dignity Hall’s Somerdale NJ sober living homes for men, the real value of this home lies in the structured way of life it provides. This is a valuable component of the reintegration portion of recovery.

Ongoing treatment may be pursued while living at this location, but many residents are also heavily involved in work or school. These bring additional structure to their days, with routines that can be extremely helpful for limiting the chaos of recovery.

Meanwhile, residents receive extensive support as they navigate the complications of the real world. In a less structured, more stressful environment, this transition might be more nerve-wracking to handle — and the anxiety associated with this process could make relapse more likely.


The Bonds of a Recovery Family

In addition to structure, Dignity Hall’s Somerdale residents benefit from building strong friendships with one another. Over time, these budding relationships come to resemble the deep-seated bonds of family. When the going gets tough, fellow residents can provide the support and encouragement needed to move forward with recovery.

Once you’re ready to move on from your Somerdale home, you will feel motivated by your new family. This next step on your recovery journey will be far easier to make, knowing that you enjoy the full support of a group of people who have walked your path — and who genuinely care about your wellbeing.

Somerdale NJ Sober Living Homes For Men: Your Recovery Matters

As you face both the challenges and opportunities of recovery, you deserve a supportive environment that will set you up for success. This is exactly what you’ll find at Dignity Hall’s Somerdale sober living homes. This is your opportunity to bring a warm, focused approach to recovery in a location that will instantly feel like home. Don’t miss this chance for the new start you deserve.

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