Undergoing addiction treatment is a huge step in recovery. However, it’s not the only necessary aspect of your journey. Although you may be undergoing treatment during the day, what happens when you return home? The sober living programs at Dignity Hall can help you stay on the right path toward sobriety.

Sober Living Can Be Life Changing

two men playing basketball as part of their new jersey sober living programsWhen you’re enrolled in an intensive outpatient or outpatient treatment program, you participate in programs that help you develop skills for lasting recovery. You also overcome past trauma and engage in support groups. However, this is also a very vulnerable time.

When you return home after these programs, you may come in contact with triggers or stressors that can cause a relapse. You may also be surrounded by people who influence you toward these behaviors. In early recovery, especially when still undergoing treatment, it may be hard to resist these temptations.

New Jersey sober living programs can be your safety net during this time. Instead of returning home, you stay at a facility with others in recovery. These sober living homes have rules and regulations that ensure residents remain on the path to recovery.

Benefits of New Jersey Sober Living Programs

There are several benefits to living in New Jersey sober living programs. First, they offer a structured environment in a time of disarray. When you begin addiction recovery, you may be coming from a situation that left you without any form of structure in your life. Dignity Hall sober living houses have rules, regulations, and schedules that will structure your day-to-day and help you develop self-discipline.

Second, sober housing requires accountability. If you relapse and break your sobriety, the consequences are severe. You will be discharged from the house immediately. You may also compromise others in their recovery. Therefore, you have a responsibility not just to yourself, but to others around you. Knowing and having these responsibilities can help you prevent relapse and think twice before using again.

Sober living programs also reinforce what you learn during treatment and help you develop necessary life skills. At Dignity Hall, we require that our residents attend regular 12 Step, Big Book Step Study, and Relapse Prevention meetings. Although these may be programs they already participate in their OP or IOP, we encourage them to reinforce what they’ve learned through outside support meetings.

Furthermore, residents develop important life skills through chores and house meetings. In a sober living home, everyone has to participate in the house for it to remain functional. Therefore, everyone has to pay rent and participate in taking care of the house. This could involve cooking, cleaning, laundry, and other household duties. By practicing these skills in a safe space with the support of others, residents learn skills and develop routines that will stick with them after they leave the home.

Finding Sober Living Program Locations Near You

If you need sober living programs on the East Coast, then look no further than Dignity Hall. Our New Jersey and Philadelphia sober living homes provide a safe and secure space for lasting recovery.

Our team understands where all of our clients are coming from. We understand your journey because we’ve been there ourselves. Therefore, you can rest assured that the people you’re working with will work with compassion, patience, and discipline. We know where you’ve been, we know what you’re capable of, and we’re ready to help you achieve it.

To learn more about Dignity Hall and our house policies, call us today at 855.380.7560 or fill out our resident application form.