At the beginning of your recovery journey, returning home after residential treatment may seem like the simplest choice. However, this can compromise your recovery. Your home may be full of stressors, triggers, and people that can cause relapses. Without proper preparation, you may turn to old habits. Philadelphia sober living homes can provide a safe and supportive environment to help you transition back into your everyday life.

Why Stay Away From the City?

new residents learning about Philadelphia sober living homesFor people living in Philadelphia, moving away from the city may not seem like the first choice. After all, the city is where they work and live most of their lives. However, cities also offer more exposure to addictive substances and stress. Getting away from the city during recovery can help a person clear their mind and focus on overcoming their addiction.

Staying away from the city also allows a person to reintegrate at their own pace. In a sober living home, part of recovery is finding employment or education that will allow for reintegration back into their everyday life. Being outside the city lets the individual revisit familiar places and potentially triggering areas at their own pace. This way, they can practice relapse prevention skills they’ve learned during recovery without being overwhelmed.

Choosing Philadelphia Sober Living Homes

Dignity Hall offers sober living in Camden County NJ just outside of Philadelphia. These homes are away from the hustle and bustle of the city but are just close enough that residents don’t lose touch with their homes. We provide an empowering and secure environment where residents can practice essential life skills that will help them balance the stress of living independently alongside maintaining recovery.

Philadelphia sober living homes demonstrate what it means to live a sober life. From working alongside others to complete household chores to attending regular 12-step meetings, Dignity Hall helps individuals find the structure that they may have lost during their addictions.

Additionally, it will help residents build bonds with others. Addiction is an isolating condition, so it’s common for people to lose contact with loved ones due to substance abuse. By living and working with others in similar situations, individuals can develop a support network that they can rely on after leaving the Philadelphia sober living homes.

Sober Living with Dignity Hall

Dignity Hall is ready to help those committed to their recovery. We know that the road to recovery isn’t easy because we’ve been through it ourselves. Although our homes have strict house policies and structure, you can rest assured that you will never feel alone. Our compassionate team works with each individual to help them reach their goals in recovery. Our primary hope is that residents in our facilities will develop the confidence and responsibility they need to live a productive life.

Continue along your path to recovery with Dignity Hall’s Philadelphia sober living homes. To learn more about our mission or to fill out a sober living resident application, call us today at 855.380.7560. Discover newfound self-esteem and motivation at Dignity Hall. We’re proud to provide the sober living Philadelphia residents can count on.