You’ve made it through some of the most difficult parts of recovery. Detox, residential treatment, and inpatient therapy may have been some of the hardest times of your life. Now, it’s time to continue the progress you’ve made and begin setting yourself up for a successful and productive life with sober living in Camden County NJ.

About Dignity Hall

woman playing pool at sober living in Camden County NJDignity Hall began with one goal: to help those in recovery live productive lives. We do so by creating nurturing housing environments that encourage confidence, respect, and optimism.

At Dignity Hall, we understand our residents’ circumstances and feelings because we’ve been there ourselves. Recovery isn’t easy. It requires constant diligence and thought. Doing this at the beginning of recovery isn’t easy. Therefore, we know the need for structure in our clients’ lives.

Our mission is to offer a safe and secure place where clients can begin rebuilding. In our homes for sober living in Camden County NJ, residents participate equally in household chores. Furthermore, they participate in support groups and 12-step meetings that help them continue the practices they’re learning in treatment. This helps them learn to balance recovery and everyday living as they transition into living independently.

Benefits of Sober Living in Camden County NJ

Choosing a sober living residence can be difficult. You may not know where to begin looking. After all, the facility you choose will set you up for the rest of your recovery journey. If you’re already pursuing treatment at an outpatient or intensive outpatient facility in New Jersey, then Dignity Hall is the place to look.

Camden County, NJ offers a peaceful and relaxing environment for recovery away from many of the major metropolitan hubs of the East Coast. However, it’s also close enough to places like Philadelphia and New York that family members and loved ones are within reach. Whether you need them for support or want to visit them during your stay at a Dignity Hall residence, they’re accessible.

Sober living in Camden County NJ also allows you to meet and live with a diverse group of people. Being near major cities, the residences of Dignity Hall bring in people from all walks of life. Therefore, you get to meet people with different stories and experiences that can support you in your own recovery. At Dignity Hall, you’ll never feel like a stranger and you’ll never be alone.

Dignity Hall’s Sober Living in Camden County NJ

If you’re looking to begin your journey with Dignity Hall, then we’re just a phone call away. We require that all residents be enrolled in an intensive outpatient or outpatient program. Furthermore, clients must abide by the rules of the household. At Dignity Hall, we do not tolerate the use of drugs, alcohol, or mind-altering substances. We also don’t tolerate solving conflicts through physical violence. Be sure to read all of our sober living house policies before applying for Camden County NJ sober living.

Dignity Hall offers several residences in Camden County NJ, including:

For more information about Dignity Hall, contact us today at 855.380.7560.