A common misconception surrounding addiction is that your struggle ends once you end your treatment. Living a life in recovery is a never-ending journey, but one that is fulfilling and possible with the right support, structure, and guidance. Life after rehab becomes more comfortable with the right tools and plans in place. Learn how you can thrive after treatment through sober living homes.

Understanding Addiction

Man enjoying life after rehab through sober living homesAn ideal way to begin enjoying life after rehab is to understand addiction truly. Addiction is a chronic condition that never “goes away.” Taking this approach to addiction can help you make the necessary changes and step in your home life to stay in recovery.

It’s essential to understand what will help you continue to live a healthy life in recovery and to know that what might work for a friend won’t necessarily work for you. Before you leave treatment, speak with your therapist and other members of your support system about ways to be successful once you head home. They can help you create a daily schedule to keep you on track. You can also come up with ways to handle stressful situations, avoid areas that remind you of your substance abuse, and other helpful mechanisms that can help.

How to Enjoy Life After Rehab

When you return home, it can feel daunting and overwhelming. However, remind yourself that living a life in recovery will be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. Finding hobbies you enjoy with those also in recovery will help you avoid potential triggers while also continuing to get the most out of life.

While you find time to participate in activities you love, make sure to find time to attend meetings and therapy sessions. These follow-up sessions, once you return home, will continue to hold you accountable for your actions. They will also provide the opportunity for you to check-in with yourself and see if you need additional support.

If you find that you’re facing too much free time in your life, look for healthy ways to fill it. Volunteering, exercise, going back to school, and other enriching activities can help keep you busy and active and avoid you turning to harmful substances to fill this space in your life.

Acknowledge Your Triggers

One of the most important things to acknowledge and understand before you begin life after rehab is your triggers. Relapse often occurs when individuals head home without understanding or addressing their triggers.

For some, stressful situations might make them turn to drug use. For others, certain friend groups might encourage them to begin using again. Family members, certain locations, and specific times of the year can also be triggers for substance abuse. Before life, after rehab begins, talk with your therapist about your potential triggers. From here, you can create plans to work through your triggers instead of turning back to harmful substances.

Begin Enjoying Life After Rehab with Dignity Hall

At Dignity Hall, we know that there’s more to life after rehab. Our sober living programs can help add a level of structure and support for those preparing to leave treatment and reintegrate back into life. These programs continue to hold individuals accountable while also creating a safe space for them to relearn what their life looks like without substance abuse. Our homes include the following:

To learn more about your options for sober living homes, contact Dignity Hall today at 855.380.7560. We’re ready to help you begin enjoying your life after rehab.