How to meet new friends when you’re sober

Congratulations! Living a sober lifestyle is a huge accomplishment and can be an exciting time. Unfortunately, you might have had to cut ties with some old friends along the way. While this can be tough, it can be a step in the right direction as you dedicate yourself to living a sober life.

As we get older, it can be more challenging to make friends. And if you’re not going out to bars and parties anymore, where are you supposed to meet? Don’t worry – it’s still possible to make sober friends. Keep reading to see some ways you can meet sober people like you.

Importance of friends in sobriety

While sobriety is your own personal journey, it can be made easier with a little help from some friends. Friends can serve as a great support system and can help hold you accountable. Having a tough day? Call up a friend and go for a walk outside. Going to a party? Grab a sober friend and hold each other accountable, meaning being supportive and ready to leave at a moment’s notice if one of you becomes uncomfortable.

During recovery, you are going to need friends whose values align with yours and don’t revolve around drinking or doing drugs. Sober friendships also tend to be more personal and not as surface level as your friendships in the past when you were using might have been. Having sober friends, whether old or new, can be extremely beneficial as you can all explore this new sober world together.

Do I need to make new friends in sobriety?

Friendships are tricky. It can be intimidating to make new ones and you could be hanging onto old ones for the sake of time and memories. However, like anything else, friendships can have expiration dates.

If you are going to maintain existing friendships, be particular about which ones you are staying close to. Do they respect your new sober lifestyle? Do they put you in awkward positions surrounding your sobriety? Are they willing to do more than go to a bar or party? These are just some questions you need to ask yourself. Your true friends will stick by your side and respect your new lifestyle. But if you have friends that all you did was drink or do drugs with, it’s probably time to cut ties with them so you can continue on your sober journey.

Tips for making new friends when sober

The benefit of looking to meet sober people is they probably are too. Here are some tips on how to make sober friends.

  1. Stay positive – having a positive mindset can make a world of difference since no one wants to surround themselves with negativity.
  2. Be open – when meeting people, it’s okay to be open and let them know that you are sober. This will help you to avoid awkward situations in the future.
  3. Attend 12-step meetings – this is a great place to meet sober people because you are all looking to achieve the same thing – sobriety.
  4. Join classes – whether fitness, art, or music classes, you can meet people that share similar interests as you.
  5. Volunteer – this is naturally a great way to meet people of all different ages, races, and backgrounds.
  6. Move into a sober living home – if you’re ready to surround yourself with sober people, a sober living home can be a great place to start.

Sober Living Homes in South Jersey

Dignity Hall provides structured sober living homes for people in Southern New Jersey that are ready to maintain a sober lifestyle. We are committed to providing a clean, sober living environment where you can live, learn, and meet sober people like yourself. Contact us today to learn more by calling 855.380.7560.