Committing to enroll in a sober living facility, such as Dignity Hall Sober Living Homes in South Jersey, can lead you on a path to a happier and healthier life. However, there may be some deterring factors that make you hesitant to leave your friends and family. Perhaps the thought of spending time away from your family and loved ones during holidays scare you. When it comes to overcoming addiction, individuals need to make tough choices. However, Dignity Hall provides a means to heal, stabilize, and maintain recovery that puts individuals in the best possible position to return to their friends and family healthy. Spending a sober holiday with us makes sense.

Although your life may change when entering Dignity Hall Sober Living Homes, there are plenty of positive things to consider when making your decision to start a sober living program for your addiction recovery. Sober living programs can help you stay on track and make sure you know what steps to take to avoid holiday triggers that may cause a relapse.

If you are entering into a sober living home, you may have many questions about how you can enjoy the holiday season. The holidays are much more enjoyable for those who are sober and present. Here are a few things to consider when entering a sober living home during the holidays.

You Can Avoid Holiday Parties

For someone in recovery, holiday parties may have many relapse triggers. Those who suffer from substance abuse may get triggered around the holidays for numerous reasons. Often, holiday parties are centered around alcohol, making it extremely difficult for individuals who are in early recovery. Additionally, family stress may be intolerable. If family trauma existed, past emotions can be dredged up. Having the option to spend a sober holiday at Dignity Hall Sober Living Homes makes avoiding alcohol triggers easier. During your stay, most of your days will be filled with 12-step meetings and support from our staff so that you can achieve your recovery goals.

A Sober Holiday Means You Will Still Get to Spend Time with Your Family

Dignity Hall staff understands the importance of spending time with your loved ones during the holidays. Isolation during the holidays can lead to relapse. Although you are enrolled in our sober living program during the holidays, you still will have the opportunity to spend time with your loved ones. Relationships with friends and family were likely damaged during addiction. Rebuilding trust with your friends and family is important. Showing them that you can maintain your sobriety during the holiday season will show your family that you are serious about your sobriety. Although this time of year may be difficult, remember it is essential to repair relationships and maintain sobriety for a healthier lifestyle.

You Will Receive Extra Support at a Sober Living Home

The holidays are one of the most difficult times of the year for people in recovery. During this time, you may need extra support to keep you on your path of sobriety. Dignity Hall Sober Living Homes offers a safe and supportive atmosphere for your addiction recovery during the holiday season. During your stay at Dignity Hall, you will be able to connect with others who are in recovery, share your struggles, and encourage one another. In sober living, an individual can fulfill the recommendations provided by their therapist and work on healing from within before heading back into family situations where there may have been many conflicts.

Discover What Dignity Hall Sober Living Homes Has to Offer

Enrolling in Dignity Hall’s sober living program can help you stay on track with your sobriety goals while still managing to enjoy the holidays in a safe and healthy setting. Our admissions staff is ready to assist you today. Learn more about our sober living program by calling us at 855.380.7560.