You’ve done it. You’ve confronted your addiction. Through detox and then treatment, you’ve persevered. You deserve praise. But your journey towards recovery isn’t over. In fact, you’re just beginning on a long-term process of making sobriety part of your everyday life. Thus, you need to know what to expect from sober living. Many need a smoother transition back to their regular lives to help them prevent relapse. Returning to your daily life may feel overwhelming, and you might feel alone. But you aren’t alone. Dignity Hall can show you what to expect from sober living homes in NJ.

what to expect from sober living, looking up at several smiling people in a circleWhat to Expect from Sober Living

A sober living home, sometimes called a halfway house, gives clients a place they can stay as they transition from treatment back into their regular lives. In each of our homes, you will find a clean and safe environment designed for your specific needs and goals. Alongside peers who have similar experiences, you’ll find encouragement and support as you become part of the household’s community. Long-lasting recovery comes from knowing your triggers and developing a plan to avoid and overcome them. Exploring the 12-Step program and other supports, Dignity Hall’s sober living homes aid you in doing the hard work maintaining your sobriety. By providing structure and rules, our sober living homes keep you from wandering off the path of recovery. Instead, you learn the skills, build the community, and strengthen your will to stay sober.

What to Expect from Sober Living homes in NJ

Each of Dignity Hall’s locations are unique. However, there are similarities. What to expect from sober living homes in NJ is very simple and straightforward. With both male and female-only homes, Dignity Hall’s homes make sure clients find the right environment for them. Every sober living home is conveniently located, giving residents the flexibility they need: 

  • 15 minutes from Philadelphia
  • 2 hours from New York City
  • 1 hour from the New Jersey shore
  • 15 minutes from Rowan University and Rutgers University as well as only 10 minutes from Camden County and Gloucester County Community Colleges
  • 50 minutes to Six Flags
  • 2 hours to Skiing

While residing at a sober living home, residents will be guided by a set of rules and policies, guaranteeing their safety and security. Similarly, these rules and policies set an example giving residents a sense of the discipline they need to develop to maintain their sobriety. Clients must meet specific residency criteria and follow each home’s house rules. Also, there are clearly defined guidelines for overnight stays, conflict resolution, and consequences for rules violation. Thus, residents won’t be at a loss about what to expect out of themselves or others. Likewise, Dignity Hall’s staff will be there treating every resident with the respect they deserve helping stay true to their goals. 

Long-term Recovery with Dignity Hall

Dignity Hall’s purpose is to reduce the chance of relapse. A sober home, one that’s secure and nurturing with a community all sharing the same goal, is one of the best ways to do this. You’ve faced the challenges of detox and done the hard work of therapy and treatment. Now you need to commit to your future by building yourself up in the present. Sober living can give you the support and skills you need.

With numerous locations throughout New Jersey, Dignity Hall can meet your sober living expectations. Call us today at 855.380.7560 to find out more.